Blinded By Sound Song Premiere: Blues Music Award Nominee John Németh Debuts “Kool Aid Pickle”

Blinded By Sound Song Premiere: Németh’s new LP is produced by guitarist extraordinare Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) and finds the vocalist/harmoica ace stretching boundaries far beyond even his own updated blues sound. His touring band does most of the heavy lifting as his instrumental backing on the record and an extensive world tour is already planned in support of the new LP, including an appearance in Nashville on Music City Roots…


NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE – John Nemeth’s Freaky Soul His homestate grows more taters than bluesmen. But Idahoan singer/harpist John Nemeth raises a crop usually found in the deep South. Nemeth came by his soulful blues style in a roundabout way, force-fed Brahms,Lizst, Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven by his Hungarian dad. “Through osmosis you learn a lot about melody from all those cats,” he says. While fellow Idahoans were groovin’ on Garth Brooks and Nirvana, Nemeth got into blues and never looked back. READ MORE


ROOTS MUSIC REPORT: FEELIN’ FREAKY ✯✯✯✯ 4 STARS “Soul/blues singer and harmonica ace John Nemeth employs classic Memphis sounds as the means for an original set that takes turns both predictable and unpredictable. The leadoff track, “Under The Gun”, is a tasty slice of regional horn-driven rhythm. The minor-keyed ballad “Rainy Day” sports all the trappings of a classic Willie Mitchell production, down to the strings. Nemeth’s harp finds fresh turf on the dance floor burner that serves as the title track. The lyrically sly “You Really Do Want That Woman” and “Kool Aid Pickle” should garner attention as well.”