“It’s a real tribute to his talent that he’s not just imitating a genre, but that he’s re-creating it, complete with its original style and feeling, but re-creating it in his own image.”
Jim White, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 2010

“Classic soul and R&B styles have been revitalized in recent years by a cadre of young and relatively young artists such as James Hunter, Eli “Paperboy” Reed, and Sharon Jones. You can include John Németh on any list of the best of them.”
Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb 2009

“Németh is not only the fastest rising star on the national blues scene, he may be the best white blues singer in the history of the genre.”
Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express, Feb 2009

“You could swear he was freeze-dried in the 1960s, as the music has a driving, rock-‘n’-soul punch that makes him seem spiritual kin to long-gone stompers Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Jackie Wilson.”
Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News, Feb 2009

“I remember telling friends up North in ’80 that they should go see Stevie Ray Vaughan, but they weren’t impressed because he wasn’t famous yet. It will give me great pleasure to say, “I told you so!” about John Németh. You’ll see.”
Bob Margolin, Blues Revue Magazine, Dec/Jan 2005

“Boy! John Németh can really belt it out!”
Charlie Musslewhite, 2004

“Definitely one of the best club shows that I’ve ever seen. John Németh is simply the Blues artist that I feel is most deserving of more recognition. Check the man and his band out whenever you might get the chance.”
Don “T-Bone” Erickson, BluesWax, 2004

“Definitely one of the finest new artist performing Blues in the country today. Catch him now so you can say you saw him in the early years of his soon-to-be giant career!”
Greg Johnson, Blues Notes, 2004

“John Németh is a natural-born Bluesman, and he proves it with every note he sings, shaping each one with emotion, taste and inspiration. John’s expressive Blues harp playing answers his voice and fulfills his songs when he solos. John Nemeth makes it sound easy.”
Bob Margolin, 2004

“John Németh and The Jacks are stellar exponents of retro style blues.”
Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine

“John Németh’s voice is a national treasure.”
Junior Watson, 2002

“Hands down the toughest young harp player I’ve ever heard.”
R.J. Mischo, 2002

“This is not a band at the crossroads—they’ve made it to the freeway, and wherever they go they’ll be carrying on a fine tradition with real style.”
Gary White, Streetmag, 1997

“John’s CD combines the hip coolness of the ’50s and ’60s blues with all the modern conveniences, with a band that takes a backseat to no one.”
David Day, New of the Blues, 2001

“Here’s a guy that does it all, sings his butt off, wails on the harp, writes great songs and knows how to entertain the people!”
Ken Harris, Blues Bouquet

“These guys are really good! Really great blues, great harmonica, great instrumentation, great vocals. Great!”
Amy Garrett, Boise Weekly, 2001